Most Advanced Calendar Application

Smart PHP Calendar is a user friendly, ajax based and multi-user calendar/scheduling application. It has so many great features like timeline, multiple calendars, shared calendars, event drag & drop, iCal import/export, overlap/double booking prevention and so on. You can customize it easily and use as a standalone scheduling application or integrate into your own application. You just need a web browser or HTML5 supported mobile device to use it. You can sign up or install to your own server.


Timeline shows your active calendars horizontally (on X-axis) or vertically (on Y-axis). It has very flexible engine. You can manage your events on daily, weekly, custom (x-days), monthly and yearly. You can customize it's start time, end time, width, height and time slots.


You can manage your calendars and events with your mobile device. Mobile calendar uses your main calendar language, timezone and other settings. You can use 4 different themes: silver, black, metallic and blue. To use the Mobile Calendar just login with your mobile device.

Event Calendar Plugin

Event Calendar consists of five powerful widgets: month calendar, event list, upcoming events, event search and calendars. You can use each widget independently or use all in your webpages to show your events and calendars. Also you can create your own widgets by using our API.

Event Calendar Plugin

Smart PHP Calendar has a powerful event calendar plugin. You can place a beautiful event calendar to your website in seconds. No iframes, no installation, no coding!
You will see an event calendar in your website just like the right side. Move your mouse on signed days to see event details.
Month Calendar shows activated calendar events. You can activate/deactivate calendars by clicking on them.
Event Calendar Plugin consists of multiple widgets. Month Calendar, Calendars, Event Search, Upcoming Events, Event List. Each widget works independently so you can place each widget to your webpages independently.
To place your own customized event calendar to your website just signup, create your own customized event calendar, get your code and paste it to your website.
Check out our quick start guide for more information about Event Calendar.

Delivery Options

Hosted (Online Service)

We host the applications on our servers. Just signup and use them. Accessible with any web browser on any platform.
It is the quickest and the easiest way to start using our applications.

Sofware (Install On Your Server)

Download and install the applications on your own server. Accessible with any web browser on any platform behind your firewall.
This is the best solution for companies that would like to have their data on their own server.

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